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Billing Guidelines

  • W-9, Certificate of insurance and workers compensation is available  upon request
  • All cranes are billed on an minimum hourly basis, round trip travel from gate to gate
  • Overtime is considered all hours past 8 hours and all day Saturday. We offer Sunday Serve at double time. No work on any major holiday. Overtime rate is a minimum of $20.00 per hour.
  • All prices listed are for short term project. Please ask for a estimates on long term jobs
  • Davis-Bacon and Prevailing Wage jobs are subject to additional charges
  • Full hourly rate will be charged for manned stand by time for cranes unless otherwise discussed. Please call for quote.
  • Any  accessories that can not be carried by the crane to the job site and require additional transport will added to the cost
  • Customer is responsible for providing adequate access to job site, which includes all towing charges and any other charges to get the crane in safe conditions to operate
  • Specific cranes and job site conditions can require additional crew members and labor. These charges will be applied to the invoice.  
  • Montana Department of Transportation requires travel permits for the transport of larger cranes. These permits will be billed to the customer.
Please call for any additional information and quotes.

406-721-6389/ 800-213-6389


 Additional Services Offered

We are a full service rigging company. Call for quote.

  • Rigging/Signal Person
  • Pilot Car with Driver
  • Pile Driving and Pile Hammer Capability

Lifting Attachments and Accessories 

  • Small Set Machinery Jacks and Rollers
  • Large Set Machinery Jacks and Rollers
  • Suspended Man Basket
  • Clam Shell
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Trash and Material Skips
  • Steel Lifting Plates

Specialized Rigging

  • Expandable Spreader Bar
  • Box Type Spreader Bar
  • Truss Spreaders and Hooks
  • Tilt-up Spreader Beams and Rigging
  • Long/Heavy Slings
  • Chain Hoists
  • Heavy Timber Mats
  • Vast Selection of Cribbing


We will receive your equipment at our facility (by the Missoula International Airport), offload and store it, then load and help set up delivery to your job site when you are ready. Call for a quote.

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